Dr. Hendin, a veteran himself,  became involved with the problems of veterans in a research and treatment project he conducted for the VA that established the high incidence of suicide attempts and suicide among combat veterans of the Vietnam war who had developed Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  In recent years an instrument he developed, that has shown remarkable ability to predict short-term risk for  suicidal behavior, was tested successfully at a major VA Medical Center. It is enabling psychiatrists there to identify veterans at risk. SPI has developed a treatment program to prevent suicide among veterans with PTSD who are at risk.

Dr. Hendin has done extensive research in the areas of posttraumatic stress disorders in civilians, substance abuse, and assisted suicide. The many awards he has received for his work include the Louis I. Dublin Award of the American Association of Suicidology for "distinguished contributions to our knowledge of suicide." The U.S. Supreme Court cited his work in this country and in the Netherlands in their 1997 decision that there was no constitutional right to assisted suicide and the Lifetime Achievement Award of Suicide Prevention Initiatives. 

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